รายชื่อหนังสือ ศึกษาทั่วไป (ภาษาต่างประเทศ)
1English for international tradeKusuma Pitukwong20181
2TOEIC 990 onlineInteract20172
3Process of writingOrranuch Aegpongpaow20171
4Introduction to physical education, exercise science, and sportLumpkin, Angela20171
5Pass key to the GED testSharpe, Christopher M.20171
6Teaching English in 21st centuryKanoknate Worawong20171
7Business communicationSasithida Saraiwang20171
8TOEIC practice examsLougheed, Lin20172
9Career paths : art and design : student's bookEvans, Virginia20161
10Fundamentals of microbiologyPommerville, Jeffrey C.20161
11Identity and cultural study in English and ASEAN proseNareema Sangwiman20161
12Career paths : engineering : student's bookLloyd, Charles20161
13Positioning the ASEAN community in an emerging Asia : Thai perspectivesKavi Chongkittavorn20161
14Effects of using computer assisted language learning in enhancing vocabulary knowledge of English I students at a private university in Nakhon PathomCastro, Ruth B.20162
15Complete TOEIC : listeningSayamol Panseeta20164
16Barron's SAT subject test : math level 1Wolf, Ira K.20161
17King Bhumibol Adulyadej : a life's workGrossman, Nicholas20161
18Complete TOEIC : grammar and readingSayamol Panseeta20164
19Effectiveness of English listening module in enhancing the listening skills of first year students in a private university in Nakhon Pathom provincePalma, Danielle Ann20162
20Business EnglishWaleerath Laoarun20161
21Who's who in Thailand 2015Adul Adulyapichet20155
22Developer KingOffice of the Royal Development Projects Board20151
23Essential grammar for TOEIC, IELTS and TOEFLSayamol Panseeta20154
24Religions in the Kingdom of ThailandChutatip Khotprathum20151
25Concepts and theories of his Majesty the King on developmentOffice of the Royal Development Projects Board20151
26Infotech : English for computer users : student's bookRemacha Esteras, Santiago20152
27Career paths : engineering : teacher's guideLloyd, Charles20151
28Career paths : physiotherapy : teacher's guideEvans, Virginia20151
29Thailand state of pollution report 2014Ministry of natural resources and environment.Pollution control department20151
30College physics : a strategic approachKnight, Randall D.20151
31Career paths : physiotherapy : student's bookEvans, Virginia20151
32Health guiding principles : a preventive and Christian perspectiveUmereweneza, Samuel20152
33Thailand's sustainable development sourcebook : issues and information, ideas and inspirationGrossman, Nicholas20151
34Official TOEFL iBT tests : volume 1Educational Testing Service20151
35Principles and practice of physicsMazur, Eric20151
36Career paths : art and design : teacher's guideEvans, Virginia20151
37ASEAN : emerging global and regional player?Thammasat University. Center for ASEAN Studies20141
38Concepts of biologyMader, Sylvia S.20142
39TOEIC practice examsLougheed, Lin20142
40Myers' psychology for APMyers, David G.20141
41Thailand state of pollution report 2013Ministry of natural resources and environment.Pollution control department20141
42Essential words for the TOEICLougheed, Lin20142
43Approaches and methods in language teachingRichards, Jack C.20141
44Effect of task-based learning program to improve English reading skills of students in a private university in Nakhon PathomPariyanuch Kimhachandra20142
45Motivating students to learnWentzel, Kathryn R.20141
46We are ASEAN : MalaysiaPattamaporn Kamtoh20132
47Psychological factors affecting the communicative competence of freshmen students in Christian University of ThailandNunez, Gina M.20131
48Create successDoyle, Jon20132
49Tactics for the TOEIC test : listening and reading test introductory courseTrew, Grant20138
50We are ASEAN : Brunei DarussalamPhannapat20132
51Essential words for the TOEICLougheed, Lin20132
52Email EnglishEmmerson, Paul20131
53Beginning and intermediate algebraHendricks, Andrea20132
54TOEICLougheed, Lin20132
55Tactics for the TOEIC test : listening and reading test introductory course : practice test BTrew, Grant20132
56Sociology : a brief introductionSchaefer, Richard T.20132
57Self-esteem and motivation for learning of nursing students from Christian University of ThailandSarah Jane L. Racal20132
58General education course international program, year 2013Christian University of Thailand20132
59Tactics for the TOEIC test : listening and reading test introductory course : practice test ATrew, Grant20132
60How languages are learnedLightbown, Patsy M.20131
61Teaching speaking : a holistic approachGoh, Christine C.M.20121
62Short history of Laos : the land in betweenEvans, Grant@20121
63Concepts in biologyEnger, Eldon D.20122
64Sociology in a changing worldKornblum, William20121
65McGraw-Hill handbookMaimon, Elaine P.20122
66Introduction to general, organic, and biochemistryHein, Morris20121
67Thailand state of pollution report 2012Ministry of natural resources and environment.Pollution control department20121
68Launching the imagination : a guide to three-dimensional designStewart, Mary20122
69Elements of moral philosophyRachels, James20121
70Sport psychology : concepts and applicationsCox, Richard H.20121
71General education course international program, year 2012Christian University of Thailand20121
72Pearson my world studies : Georgia grade 7Chu, Gregory H.20121
73New practical Chinese reader : textbook 1Liu Xun20121
74King Bhumibol and the Thai royal family in LausanneSeraidaris, Lysandre C.20121
75Exploring the King's homeRatchata Mituwong20122
76Visualizing calculus by way of Maple : an emphasis on problem solvingTaraporevala, Arnavaz20122
77Who's who in Thailand 2012Adul Adulyapichet20121
78Longman preparation series for the TOEIC test : listening and reading : intermediate course Lougheed, Lin20122
79Peak performance : success in college and beyondFerrett, Sharon K.20122
80Introduction to applied linguistics : from practice to theoryDavies, Alan@20121
81Q : skills for success : reading and writingMcVeigh, Joe20112
82Organic and biochemistry for todaySeager, Spencer L.@20112
83Abnormal psychologyNolen-Hoeksema, Susan@20111
84Smart choice 3 : student bookWilson, Ken20115
85Process of parentingBrooks, Jane B.20111
86Creative concepts in psychology : an activity and case-based approachGoldstein, Andrea H.@20111
87Communicating across culturesDignen, Bob20116
88Techniques and principles in language teachingLarsen-Freeman, Diane20111
89Volpe's understanding evolutionRosenbaum, Peter A.@20111
90Extraordinary projects from ordinary objects : jumbo book vol 1Icanberry, Mark20111
91Expanding tactics for listening : student bookRichards, Jack C.20112
92Meetings in EnglishStephens, Bryan20111
93Where in the world is the Philippines? : debating its national territorySeverino, Rodolfo C.@20111
94Traditions and encounters : a global perspective on the pastBentley, Jerry H.20112
95Environmental geologyReichard, James S.@20111
96Finite mathematics : an applied approachSullivan, Michael@20113
97Green lighting : how energy-efficient lighting can save you energy and money and reduce your carbon footprintHoward, Brian Clark@20111
98Personal development for life and workMasters, L. Ann@20112
99Basic statistics for business and economicsLind, Douglas A.20111
100University physics with modern physics : volume twoBauer, Wolfgang20111
101PsychologyGray, Peter @20112
102Interiors : an introductionNielson, Karla J.20111
103Vietnam : rising dragonHayton, Bill@20111
104Select readings : intermediateLee, Linda20111
105Finite mathematicsWaner, Stefan20113
106Abnormal psychologyRosenberg, Robin S.@20112
107Q : skills for success : listening and speaking : teacher's handbookIannuzzi, Susan20111
108Idioms and phrasal verbs : intermediateGairns, Ruth20111
109Select readings : upper-intermediateLee, Linda20111
110Bangkok transportation over the next decade (2010-2020)Bangkok Metropolitan Administration.Traffic and Transportation Department20112
111University physicsBauer, Wolfgang20112
112General education course international program, year 2011Christian University of Thailand20111
113Comprehensive stress managementGreenberg, Jerrold S. @20113
114Literature : craft and voice : volume 2 : poetryDelbanco, Nicholas@20101
115Asking the right questions : a guide to critical thinkingBrowne, M. Neil20102
116Essential biochemistry for medicineFry, Mitchell@20101
117Interchange : intro : student's bookRichards, Jack C.20107
118Environmental science : a study of interrelationshipsEnger, Eldon D.20101
119Muay Thai sport : the procedures for technical practicingSomboon Tapina20101
120BiologyMader, Sylvia S.20101
121Norton introduction to literatureBooth, Alison20102
122Teaching pronunciation : a course book and referenec guideCelce-Murcia, Marianne20101
123Business goals 1 : student's bookKnight, Gareth20105
124ChemistryChang, Raymond20102
125Literature : craft and voice : volume 1 : fictionDelbanco, Nicholas@20101
126Reading and study skillsLangan, John20101
127Cambridge English for marketingRobinson, Nick20102
128Vocabulary of critical thinkingWashburn, Phil@20102
129Communication worksGamble, Teri Kwal20101
130Thainess : sustainable ways of life Kanda Vajrabhaya20101
131Personality psychology : domains of knowledge about human natureLarsen, Randy J.@20101
132Glencoe literature : California treasures : course 4Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.20101
133Glencoe literature : California treasures : course 5Wilhelm, Jeffrey D.20101
134Tao I : the way of all lifeSha, Zhi Gang@20101
135Read, reason, write : an argument text and readerSeyler, Dorothy U.@20102
136History of the PhilippinesTan, Samuel K.@20101
137BiochemistryGarrett, Reginald H.@20101
138Exercises in psychological testing and assessmentCohen, Ronald Jay @20101
139StatisticsMcCune, Sandra20101
140College physics : with an integrated approach to forces and kinematics : volume 1Giambattista, Alan20101
141Introduction to applied linguisticsSchmitt, Norbert@20101
142Physics : volume 2Giambattista, Alan20101
143Literature : craft and voice : volume 3 : dramaDelbanco, Nicholas@20101
144Marine biologyCastro, Peter@20101
145Theological education in the context of poverty and injustice : what do theological educators think about its role?Ordonia, Art@20101
146Human developmentCrandell, Thomas L.@20091
147Contemporary Chinese : textbook : volume oneDangdai Zhongwen20091
148Recipe club : a tale of food and friendshipIsrael, Andrea20092
149Economics : the basicsMandel, Michael@20091
150Applied statistics in business and economicsDoane, David P.20092
151Contemporary Chinese : exercise book : volume oneDangdai Zhongwen20091
152Basic concepts and models for interpreter and translator trainingGile, Daniel20091
153Study guide to accompany psychologyBurton, Lorelle20091
154Oxford word skills : advancedGairns, Ruth20091
155Norton anthology of world literature : volume 1Simon, Peter20091
156Scores to settle : stories of the struggle to create to great musicGilliland, Norman@20091
157Contemporary Chinese : character book : volume twoDangdai Zhongwen20091
158Prentice Hall world studies : Africa, Asia, and Australia : geography, history, cultureJacobs, Heidi Hayes@20091
159Power learning : strategies for success in college and lifeFeldman, Robert S.20092
160Contemporary Chinese : teacher's book : volume twoDangdai Zhongwen20091
161Psychology : an introductionLahey, Benjamin B.@20091
162Compact bedford introduction to literature : reading, thinking, writingMeyer, Michael@20092
163More than a carpenterMcDowell, Josh@20094
164Real math : grade 3Willoughby, Stephen S.20092
165New practical Chinese reader : instructor's manual 2Liu Xun20091
166Contemporary Chinese : character book : volume oneDangdai Zhongwen20091
167Contemporary Chinese : teacher's book : volume oneDangdai Zhongwen20091
168Lazy environmentalist on a budget : save money, save time, save the planetDorfman, Josh@20091
169Foundations of physical education, exercise science, and sportWuest, Deborah A.20091
170Organic chemistryBrown, William H.@20091
171New practical Chinese reader : instructor's manual 1Liu Xun20091
172Business result : pre-intermediate : student's bookGrant, David20091
173World history : the modern eraEllis, Elisabeth Gaynor20091
174Real math : grade 5Willoughby, Stephen S.20092
175Reading practicePrapaisri Wisedsookpong20091
176Remediating reading difficultiesCrawley, Sharon J.@20091
177Contemporary Chinese : textbook : volume twoDangdai Zhongwen20091
178Envisioning women in world history : prehistory-1500, volume 1Clay, Catherine20091
179Contemporary Chinese : exercise book : volume twoDangdai Zhongwen20091
180Psychology : a concise introductionGriggs, Richard A.20091
181Measurement by the physical educator : why and howMiller, David K.20091
182New practical Chinese reader : workbook 2Liu Xun20091
183Norton anthology of world literature : volume 2Simon, Peter20091
184Introduction to mass communication : media literacy and cultureBaran, Stanley J.@20092
185Real math : grade 4Willoughby, Stephen S.20092
186SociologyFinsterbusch, Kurt@20092
187Principles of animal behaviorDugatkin, Lee Alan20092
188Media writer's handbook : a guide to common writing and editing problemsArnold, George T.@20091
189Butterflies be gone : a hands-on approach to sweat-proof public speakingBell, Arthur H.@20082
190Music : the art of listeningFerris, Jean@20081
191Student writer : editor and criticClouse, Barbara Fine20083
192Taking sides : clashing views in family and personal relationshipsSchroeder, Elizabeth@20082
193Doing ethics : moral reasoning and contemporary issuesVaughn, Lewis@20082
194Escaping toxic guilt : five proven steps to free yourself from guilt for goodCarrell, Susan@20081
195Comprehension assessment : a classroom guideCaldwell, JoAnne Schudt20083
196Reaching out : a musician's guide to interactive performanceWallace, David@20083
197Taking sides : clashing views on moral issuesSatris, Stephen@20082
198Seven personalities of golf : discover your inner golfer to play your best gameGee, Darrin@20081
199New practical Chinese reader : workbook 1Liu Xun20081
200Images of the pastPrice, T. Douglas@20081
201Life-span developmentSantrock, John W.@20083
202Women's worlds : the McGraw-Hill anthology of women's writingWarhol-Down, Robyn @20081
203Physical anthropology 08/09Angeloni, Elvio@20081
204ThirteenMyracle, Lauren20081
205Practical encyclopedia of boating : an A-Z compendium of seamanship, boat maintenance, navigation, and nautical wisdomVigor, John@20081
206Foundations in microbiology : basic principlesTalaro, Kathleen P.@20081
207Mass media law : 2009-2010Pember, Don R.@20082
208Cover to cover 1 : reading comprehension and fluency : teacher's bookDay, Richard R.20081
209Thainess : live and learn the Thai way of lifeAmporn Samosorn20086
210Taking sides : clashing views in drugs and societyGoldberg, Raymond@20081
211Study of second language acquisitionEllis, Rod20081
212New practical Chinese reader : textbook 2Liu Xun20081
213Oxford word skills : intermediateGairns, Ruth20081
214Essentials of understanding psychologyFeldman, Robert S.20082
215Human genetics : concepts and applicationsLewis, Ricki20082
216Healing watersRue, Nancy20081
217Traditions and encounters : a brief global history : volume II : from 1500 to the presentBentley, Jerry H.20081
218Introduction to geographyGetis, Arthur@20082
219American English file : student book 2Oxenden, Clive20081
220Reading comprehension : strategies for independent learnersBlachowicz, Camille@20082
221Living worldJohnson, George B.20081
222Between one and many : the art and science of public speakingBrydon, Steven R.20084
223Socrates to Sartre and beyond : a history of philosophyStumpf, Samuel Enoch@20081
224Analyzing moral issuesBoss, Judith A.@20082
225From Royal initiatives : 60 years of the people's happiness under the royal aegisOffice of the Royal Development Projects Board20081
226Personal growth and behavior 07/08Duffy, Karen G.@20082
227Philosophy : history and problemsStumpf, Samuel Enoch@20082
228Does the center hold? : an introduction to Western philosophyPalmer, Donald@20082
229Personality psychology : domains of knowledge about human natureLarsen, Randy J.@20082
230Laboratory manual human biologyMader, Sylvia S.20082
231Academic writer : a brief guideEde, Lisa20084
232Classics lights and music treasuryBurroughs, Caleb@20082
233Dominant animal : human evolution and the environmentEhrlich, Paul R.@20081
234Oxford word skills : basicGairns, Ruth20081
235Strategic reading 1 : building effective reading skills : student's bookRichards, Jack C.20085
236Speeches 2006-2007Commission on Higher Education20084
237How to sue everyone : ready-to-use-legal letters to terrorize friends and familyHarley, Andrew@20081
238Concepts of physical fitness : active lifestyles for wellnessCorbin, Charles B.@20083
239Worlds together, worlds apart : a history of the world from the beginnings of humankind to the present : volume 2Tignor, Robert@20081
240Well read : skills and strategies for reading Blass, Laurie20083
241Human geography : landscapes of human activitiesFellmann, Jerome@20082
242Biological anthropology : an introductor readerPark, Michael Alan@20081
243Oxford handbooks of American philosophyMisak, Cheryl20082
244Intermediate algebraBaratto, Stefan20081
245St.Martin's guide to writingAxelrod, Rise B.20084
246Practical skeptic : core concepts in sociologyMcIntyre, Lisa J.@20082
247Seeing is believing : an introduction to visual communicationBerger, Arthur Asa20082
248Anthropology : the exploration of human diversityKottak, Conrad Phillip@20083
249Scriptures of the world's religionsFieser, James20082
250Beginning and intermediate algebraMiller, Julie20082
251Music : an appreciationKamien, Roger@20081
252World historyEllis, Elisabeth Gaynor20083
253Sociology mattersSchaefer, Richard T.20083
254Teaching tennis : protocol for instructorsWhite, Steven@20081
255Communicating at work : principles and practices for business and the professionsAdler, Ronald B. @20081
256All you need to know about the music businessPassman, Donald S.20081
257Intermediate algebraMiller, Julie20081
258Football training like the prosSmith, Chip@20081
259Honor thyselfSteel, Danielle20081
260How to teach listeningWilson, J.J.20081
261Environmental security perception model in dyeing industryRanin Kijkla20081
262Psychology : the science of mind and behaviorPasser, Michael W.@20074
263Residential wiring for the tradesStauffer, H. Brooke20071
264World atlasHeritage, Andrew@20071
265Microbiology : a human perspectiveNester, Eugene W.@20071
266PrecalculusCoburn, John W.@20071
267Sports book : the games, the rules, the tactics, the techniquesSummers, David@20071
268Core concepts in biological anthropologyFuentes, Agustin@20071
269Intermediate algebraMiller, Julie20071
270College physicsGiambattista, Alan20071
271Taking sides : clashing views in lifespan developmentGuest, Andrew M.@20072
272Fit and well : core concepts and labs in physical fitness and wellness : brief editionFahey, Thomas D.@20071
273Principles of language learning and teachingBrown, H. Douglas20071
274Norton anthology of American literature : volume B 1820-1865Baym, Nina20071
275Measurement for evaluation in physical education and exercise scienceBaumgartner, Ted A.20072
276Art of public speakingLucas, Stephen E. @20072
277On sense and direct reference : reading in the philosophy of languageDavidson, Matthew@20073
278Basic statistics using Excel and MegaStatOrris, J.B.@20071
279Differential equations : theory, technique, and practiceSimmons, George F.20072
280Asia's energy future : regional dynamics and global implicationsWu, Kang@20072
281Company to company : a task-based approach to business emails, letters and faxes : student's bookLittlejohn, Andrew20072
282Exercise testing and prescription : a health-related approachNieman, David C.20072
283BiologyMiller, Kenneth R.20071
284Complete martial arts student : the master guide to basic and advanced classroom strategies for learning the fighting artsSprague, Martina@20071
285Communicating in business : a short course for business English students (student's book)Sweeney, Simon20071
286Abnormal psychology : clinical perspectives on psychological disordersHalgin, Richard P.@20071
287Management of physical education and sportKrotee, March L.@20071
288How to teach EnglishHarmer, Jeremy20074
289Communicating effectivelyHybels, Saundra20073
290BiochemistryMacdonald, Richard G.@20071
291How to have creative ideas : 62 exercises to develop the mindDe Bono, Edward20071
292Public relations : the profession and the practiceLattimore, Dan20071
293LifeLewis, Ricki20071
294Introduction to physical education, fitness, and sportSiedentop, Daryl20071
295Elementary statistics : a step by step approachBluman, Allan G.@20074
296Smart choice 1 : workbookWilson, Ken20075
297Training women in the martial arts : a special journeyLawler, Jennifer@20071
298Business English communicationNinnat Olanvoravuth20076
299Flat earth : the history of an infamous ideaGarwood, Christine20071
300Women's voices, feminist visions : classic and contemporary readingsShaw, Susan M.@20071
301Psychological scienceGazzaniga, Michael S.@20072
302America : a narrative history : volume twoTindall, George Brown@20071
303Delight in thinking : an introduction to philosophy readerHales, Steven D.@20072
30421st century astronomyHester, Jeff @20072
305Mathematics for elementary teachers : a conceptual approachBennett, Albert B.@20071
306Fit and well : core concepts and labs in physical fitness and wellnessFahey, Thomas D.@20072
307Pocket guide to APA stylePerrin, Robert@200720
308English for presentationsGrussendorf, Marion@20071
309Bangkok BangkokCulture Sports and Tourism Department.Tourism Division20071
310Psychology : an introductionLahey, Benjamin B.@20071
311English for life : beginner : student's bookHutchinson, Tom20076
312Smart choice 1 : student bookWilson, Ken20072
313Benson's microbiological applications : laboratory manual in general microbiologyBrown, Alfred E.@20072
314Sports marketingFullerton, Sam@20071
315Intimate relationshipsMiller, Rowland S.@20071
316Right thing to do : basic readings in moral philosophyRachels, James20072
317Applied sport psychology : personal growth to peak performanceWilliams, Jean M.20061
318Vertebrates : comparative anatomy, function, evolutionKardong, Kenneth V.@20062
319West in the world : a mid-length narrative history volume II : from 1600Sherman, Dennis@20061
320America's musical landscapeFerris, Jean@20063
321McGraw-Hill's 15 practice SAT subject testsMcGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.20061
322His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and the conservation on natural resources and environmentMinistry of natural resources and environment.Department of environmental quality promotion20061
323Market leader : elementary business English : course bookCotton, David20064
3242006 ACUCA student camp on love overflowing with knowledge and insightChristian University of Thailand20064
325Philosophical journey : an interactive approachLawhead, William F.@20062
326Adventures of Huckleberry FinnHo, Oliver@20062
327Mad dog hall of fame : the ultimate top-ten rankings of the best in sportsRusso, Christopher20061
328Teaching ShakespeareGibson, Rex20061
329English for psychologyBoonthong Itthipanya20061
330Common knowledge about Chinese historyThe Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council20061
331Meaning of difference : American constructions of race, sex and gender, social class, and sexual orientationRosenblum, Karen E.@20063
332Launching the imagination : a comprehensive guide to basic designStewart, Mary20062
333High tech trash : digital devices, hidden toxics, and human healthGrossman, Elizabeth@20061
334Athletic training management : concepts and applicationsRankin, James M.@20064
335What's that sound? : an introduction to rock and its historyCoVach, John@20062
336Thailand state of pollution report 2006Ministry of natural resources and environment.Pollution control department20061
337Weight training by design : create your own individualized workout plan using the revolutionary BAM superset systemGreenwald, Dale20063
338Nature's restoration : people and places on the front lines of conservationFriederici, Peter@20061
339Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and the conservation on natural resources and environmentMinistry of natural resources and environment.Department of environmental quality promotion20061
340Organic chemistrySmith, Janice Gorzynski@20062
341Anthropology : the exploration of human diversityKottak, Conrad Phillip@20062
342Simple kayak navigation : practical piloting for the passionate paddlerKillen, Ray@20061
343Contemporary's world historyDowney, Matthew T.20061
344Get ready to write : a beginning writing textBlanchard, Karen20068
345Principles of environmental science : inquiry and applicationsCunningham, William P.@20063
346Person to person : communicative speaking and listening skills : student book starterRichards, Jack C.20061
347History and philosophy of sport and physical education : from ancient civilizations to the modern worldMechikoff, Robert A.@20061
348Enjoy Thailand by speaking ThaiOdeon Store20061
349Concepts in biochemistryBoyer, Rodney20062
350Business math handbook and study guide to accompany practical business math proceduresSlater, Jeffrey@20062
351Health psychologyTaylor, Shelley E.@20063
352Living with the genome : ethical and social aspects of human geneticsClarke, Angus @20061
353Tactics for TOEIC : speaking and writing tests : key and tapescriptsTrew, Grant20062
354Practical business math proceduresSlater, Jeffrey@20062
355Chemistry case studies for allied healthKelley, Colleen@20062
356Second thoughts : critical thinking for a diverse societyTeays, Wanda@20061
357Person to person : communicative speaking and listening skills : teacher's book starterRichards, Jack C.20061
358American shogun : general MacArthur, Emperor Hirohito and the drama of modern JapanHarvey, Robert20061
359Focus on grammar : an integrated skills approachFuchs, Marjorie20061
360Practical Chinese grammar for foreigners : workbookBeijing Language and Culture University20061
361Environmental economics : an introductionField, Barry C.@20062
362Speech communication : made simpleDale, Paulette20062
363Introductory guide to the TOEIC test : audio script and answer keyRogers, Bruce20061
364Kinematic parameters of the sprint start and start acceleration in Thai national female and youth national female sprintersPhonpote Chainok20061
365Cooperative chemistry laboratory manualCooper, Melanie M.@20061
366Silicon cycle : human perturbation and impacts on aquatic systemsIttekkot, Venugopalan@20061
367Tactics for TOEIC : speaking and writing testsTrew, Grant20062
368Coastal cruising under power : how to choose, equip, operate, and maintain your boatHamilton, Gene@20062
369Discrete mathematics : mathematical reasoning and proof puzzles, patterns, and gamesEnsley, Douglas E.@20063
370Short history of Cambodia : from empire to survivalTully, John@20061
371McGraw-Hill handbook of business lettersPoe, Roy W.20062
372Elementary and intermediate algebraDugopolski, Mark@20061
373Discovering our past : a brief introduction to archaeologyAshmore, Wendy@20061
374How languages are learnedLightbown, Patsy M.20061
375Chemistry in context : applying chemistry to societyEubanks, Lucy Pryde@20061
376Why it's hard to be good : an introduction to ethical theoryPalmer, Donald@20061
377Basic baseball strategy : an introduction for coaches and playersFreeman, S.H.@20061
378Common knowledge about Chinese geographyThe Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council20061
379More than a native speaker : an introduction to teaching English abroadSnow, Don@20061
380Introductory guide to the TOEIC testRogers, Bruce20061
381400 Must-have words for the TOEFLStafford-Yilmaz, Lynn20051
382Communicating at work : principles and practices for business and the professionsAdler, Ronald B. @20052
383BiologyRaven, Peter H.@20053
384Human resource managementMondy, R. Wayne@20051
385Ear training : a technique for listeningBenward, Bruce@20051
386Ready to read now : a skills-based readerBlanchard, Karen20059
387Little womenMcFadden, Deanna20052
388Mind magic : how to develop the 3 components of intelligence that matter most in today's worldMiller, John Laurence20053
389Collins Cobuild English grammarSinclair, John20051
390Password 3 : a reading and vocabulary textBonesteel, Lynn20051
391Fluent EnglishRaifsnider, Barbara20051
392Billy the kid : a novelTaylor, Theodore@20051
393Foundations in microbiologyTalaro, Kathleen P.@20053
394Social psychology of experience : studies in remembering and forgettingMiddleton, David @20051
395Math for the anxious : building basic skillsProga, Rosanne@20051
396AdolescenceSantrock, John W.@20051
397Mass communication : living in a media worldHanson, Ralph E.@20051
398McGraw-Hill handbook of English grammar and usageLester, Mark20051
399Physical scienceTillery, Bill W.@20052
400Truth about the world : basic readings in philosophyRachels, James20051
401Sociology : diversity, conflict, and changeNeubeck, Kenneth J.@20052
402Prentice Hall literature : timeless voices, timeless themes : copper levelKinsella, Kate@20051
403Reading power : reading for pleasure, comprehension skills, thinking skills, reading fasterMikulecky, Beatrice S.20051
404PHA workoutRoberts, Matt20051
405MicrobiologyPrescott, Lansing M.@20051
406Practical English language teaching : speakingBailey, Kathleen M.20052
407Last dance : encountering death and dyingDeSpelder, Lynne Ann@20051
408Arguing through literature : a thematic anthology and guideFerster, Judith@20051
409Public and private families : a readerCherlin, Andrew J.@20053
410Classic questions and contemporary film : an introduction to philosophyKowalski, Dean A.@20051
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831Multiple reading skills : book IBoning, Richard A.19951
832Better communication skills for workKelcher, Melanie@19951
833Computers and information systemsHutchinson, Sarab E. @19952
834Voyage of the exilesHickman, Patricia19951
835Complete idiot's guide to microsoft works for windows 95Pivovarnick, John@19951
836100 Selected storiesHenry, O., 1862-191019951
837Headway intermediate : workbookSoars, Liz19951
838BiologyRaven, Peter H.@19953
839Communicative English for tourismKanitta Utawanit19952
840English skills with readingsLangan, John19952
841Computers todayMurdock, Everett E.@19952
842Sociology : an introductionGelles, Richard J.@19951
843Business talk (Thailand)Licsenborghs, Robert@19951
844Inside ArcViewHutchinson, Scott@19951
845NTC vocabulary buildersFisher, Peter19951
846Left behind : a novel of the earth's last daysLaHaye, Tim19951
847Intercultural communication : an introductionJandt, Fred E.@19951
848Social movements and cultureJohnston, Hank19951
849Using Excelerator for WindowsConnor, Anthony C.@19952
850Institutes of the Christian religionCalvin, John19951
851Headway pre-intermediate : workbookSoars, Liz19951
852Beneath the mask : an introduction to theories of personalityMonte, Christopher F.@19951
853BiologyRaven, Peter H.@19953
854Study guide to accompany psychologyStraub, Richard O.@19951
855Being digitalNegroponte, Nicholas @19951
856Exploring the internetSanford, Clive C.@19952
857English grammar in use : a self-study reference and practice book for intermediate students with answersMurphy, Raymond19944
858Good measures : a practice book to accompany rules of thumbSilverman, Jay19942
859Student solutions manual for chemistry : the molecular sciencePeck, Larry@19943
860Friendly ShakespeareEpstein, Norrie19941
861Family living : relationships and decisionsCox, Frank D.19944
862Investigating mathematicsCastello, W. Karla@19941
863Organic chemistry : structure and reactivityEge, Seyhan N. @19941
864First football gameMyers, Arthur@19941
865Dynamics of mass communicationDominick, Joseph R.19943
866Structures and abstractions : a brief introduction to Turbo Pascal ( 5.x,6.x,7.0)Salmon, William I.@19942
867Writing wellHall, Donald19942
868Transition metals in the synthesis of complex organic moleculesHegedus, Louis S.@19941
869Finite mathematics with computer-supported applicationsCalvert, James@19942
870Computing essentials : annual edition 1994-1995O'Leary, Timothy J.19942
871Understanding argument : a text with readingSeyler, Dorothy U.@19941
872Client/server system design and implementationVaughn, Larry T.@19942
873Writing and reading across the curriculumBehrens, Laurence19941
874Headway advanced : workbookSoars, Liz19941
875Publication manual of the American Psychological AssociationAmerican Psychological Association19942
876Human genome project : deciphering the blueprint of heredityCooper, Necia Grant@19941
877Holt earth scienceFronk, Robert H.@19942
878Computer architecture : a designer's text based on a generic RISCFeldman, James M.@19943
879Longings of women : a novelPiercy, Marge19941
880Twelve plays for theatreCohen, Robert@19941
881Main street : student book 3Viney, Peter19942
882Public speaking todayPrentice, Diana19945
883Biological explorations : a human approachGunstream, Stanley E.19941
884WordPerfect 5.2 for Windows : a professional approachHinkle, Deborah A.@19941
885Anova : an analysis of variance primerHarris, Richard J.@19943
886Basic concepts in biology from biology : concepts and applicationsStarr, Cecie19941
887Optics & refractionMacInnis, Brent J. @19943
888ComputerTrainor, Timothy N.@19942
889Biology : living systemsOram, Raymond F.@19941
890Collegiate English handbookFennell, Francis L.19942
891Mathematical journeyGudder, Stanley @19942
892Human biologyGottfried, Sandra S.@19941
893Molecules-3D : 3D molecular model building software for WindowsInternational Business Machines Corporation19942
894Father : a life of Henry James, Sr.Habegger, Alfred19941
895WordPerfect 6.0 : a professional approachHinkle, Deborah A.@19941
896Paradox 4.0/4.5Hutchinson, Sarah E.19942
897Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.2O'Leary, Timothy J.19942
8983000 Solved problems in organic chemistryMeislich, Estelle K.@19941
899Chemistry : the molecular scienceOlmsted, John@19942
900Reading and the writing processDay, Ben@19941
901Listen for it : teacher's guideRichards, Jack C.19941
902System 7.0/7.1 for the MacintoshHutchinson, Sarah E.19942
903ConnectRevell, Jane @19942
904Thinking about future generationsMoskowitz, Milton@19941
905Everyday listening and speakingCunningham, Sarah @19942
906McGraw-Hill workbookConnelly, Mark@19943
907Advanced WordPerfect 6.0 for DosO'Donnell, Terrence P.@19942
908Altruism in later lifeMidlarsky, Elizabeth @19942
909Headway : teacher's bookSoars, John19943
910Writer's choice : composition and grammar : grade 7Royster, Jacqueline Jones19943
911Practical mathAmerican Technical Publishers19945
912Conversations with Neil's brain : the neural nature of thought and languageCalvin, William H.@19941
913Effective Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.4Erickson, Fritz J.@19942
914Language, grammar, and communication : a course for teachers of EnglishDelahunty, Gerald Patrick19944
915Structures and abstractions : an introduction to computer science with Turbo Pascal (5.x,6.x,7.0)Salmon, William I.@19942
916Listen for itRichards, Jack C.19941
917Introducing Lotus 1-2-3 Release 4 for WindowsStipes, Jeffrey @19942
918Graphis products by design 1Pedersen, B. Martin@19941
919Communicator I : the comprehensive course functional EnglishMolinsky, Steven J. @19942
920High season : English for the hotel and tourist industryHarding, Keith19942
921Interpersonal communication : pragmatics of human relationshipsFisher, B. Aubrey@19941
922Advances in interpenetrating polymer networks : volume IVKlempner, D.@19941
923Practical English structure : a textbook for EG 211 (English structure 1)Rabieb Nakalasin19935
924Write ideaAoki, Elaine Mei19934
925Essentials of world regional geographyWheeler, Jesse H.@19932
926College algebra : a graphing approachEdwards, Bruce H.@19931
927College algebraLarson, Roland E.@19932
928Main street : student book 1Viney, Peter19931
929Environmental science living within the system of natureKupchella, Charles E. @19931
930Statistics for public managersMatlack, William F.19931
931Interactions access : a communicative grammarWerner, Patricia K. @19932
932DOS 5.0Hutchinson, Sarab E. @19933
933General chemistryEbbing, Darrell D.@19931
934College algebraBarnett, Raymond A.@19931
935Problem solving in general chemistryDelorenzo, Ronald A.@19933
936Environmental chemistry : chemicals, pollution and our environmentRussell, Allen @19933
937Ten steps to building college reading skillsLangan, John19931
938Business English : a complete guide to developing an effective business writing styteGeffner, Andrea B.@19931
939Home computersWilliams, Gene B.@19933
940Using Microsoft works effectivelyRoss, Paul W.@19932
941Telecommunication transmission systems : microwave, fiber optic, mobile cellular radio, data, and digital multiplexingWinch, Robert G.@19932
942BiologyCampbell, Neil A.@19931
943New American rhetoric : a multicultural approachMcCelelland, Ben W.@19931
944Spectrum 2, a communicative course in EnglishCostinett, Sandra @19932
945Developmental psychology : childhood and adolescenceShaffer, David R.19931
946Speculations : reading in culture, identity and valuesSchuster, Charles I.@19932
947Fundamentals of organic chemistrySolomons, T.W. Graham@19932
948Systematic reading IChuencheewee Chalermpatarakul19935
949WordPerfect tutorial for DosGrauer, Robert@19931
950Principles of biochemistryHorton, Homer L.@19931
951Biology : concepts and connectionsCampbell, Neil A.@19931
952Windows 3.1 insiderWeiskamp, Keith @19932
953Nature through science and artCriswell, Susie Gwen @19933
954Peer-to-peer LANs : networking two to ten PCSMadron, Thomas W. @19932
955Complete idiot's guide to windowsMcFedries, Paul@19931
956Computers : tools for knowledge workersRochester, Jock B.@19932
957Vistas : an interactive course in English 2Brown, H.Douglas @19931
958Hypertext : theory into practiceMcAleese, Ray @19931
959Using WordPerfect for WindowsLeeburg, Verlene@19932
960RPG : a programming language for todayCable, Doris @19932
961Microprocessors : principles and applicationsGilmore, Charles M.@19932
962Science : interactionsAldridge, Bill@19932
963Accurate English : a complete course in pronunciationDauer, Rebecca M. @19932
964English for arts professionsPhoolsook Ratanotayanonth19931
965Writer's choice : composition and grammar : grade 10Strong, William19933
966Human developmentVander Zanden, James W.@19931
967Desktop publishing using WordPerfect 5.1Johnson, Jack E.19933
96875 readings : an anthologyDenton, Lesley @19933
969English for journalistsHicks, Wynford19931
970Fortran with engineering applicationsKoffman, Elliot B.@19931
971General chemistryKask, Uno@19931
972Special theory of relativity : a mathematical expositionDas, Anadijiban@19931
973Biological approaches to cancer treatment : biomodulationMitchell, Malcolm S.@19931
974Unix system V. performance managementBregman, Phyllis Eve @19931
975Collins Cobuild student's grammarWillis, Dave19931
976Norton Sample : short essays for compositionCooley, Thomas19932
977Composition practice book 3 : a text for English language learnersBlanton, Linda Lonon@19931
978Exploring psychologyMyers, David G.19931
979Advanced microcomputer applicationsGrauer, Robert@19932
980Using Quattro Pro 2.0/3.0Rosner, Lisa @19932
981Dynamics of mass communicationDominick, Joseph R.19936
982Information processing : keyboarding, formatting and applications masteryChiri, Judith A.@19936
983Biology todayGottfried, Sandra S.@19931
984Principles of language learning and teachingBrown, H. Douglas19931
985Essential mathematics for lifeCharuhas, Mary S.@19932
986Fundamentals of cognitive psychologyEllis, Henry C.@19931
987English for businessWhitehead, David19932
988Ancillary sampler : general chemistryEbbing, Darrell D.@19931
989Learning-biology todayCotter, David J.@19931
990Writing feature articles : a practical guide to methods and marketsHennessy, Brendan19931
991Princess Chulabhorn Distinguished Lecture SeriesPrincess Chlabhorn199310
992Dos 3.3-5.0 with introduction to the labsO'Leary, Timothy J.19932
993Paragraphs on translationNewmark, Peter19931
994Understanding psychologyFeldman, Robert S.19936
995Computer information systemsLawlor, Steven C.@19921
996Types of Christian theologyFrei, Hans W.19924
997Interchange : English for international communication : teacher's manualRichards, Jack C.19922
998Introduction to WordPerfect 5.1Larose, Lucia@19922
999Production systems technologyHarms, Henry R.@19921
1000Having fun learning basic : a workbook approachPeddicord, Richard G.@19922
1001Selected solutions for chemical principlesBrooks, Kenneth C.@19922
1002Extraordinary chemistry of ordinary thingsSnyder, Carl H.@19922
1003College mathematics for business, economics, life sciences, and social sciencesBarnett, Raymond A.@19921
1004Case for case studies : an immigrant's journalAbramson, Paul R.19922
1005Reading, etc. : an integrated skills textRoseberry, Robert L.19921
1006First look at Macintosh and system 7Ellis, Bret R. @19922
1007Writer's craft : idea to expressionElbow, Peter19924
1008English for tourismKhate Ratanajarana19921
1009Writer's craft : idea to expressionElbow, Peter19921
1010Database management using dBASE IV and SQLGrauer, Robert@19922
1011PsychologyWortman, Camille B.@19921
1012Random house : practice bookHennessy, Michael19924
1013Modern physicsBlatt, Frank J.@19925
1014Biology : the network of lifeMix, Michael C. @19923
1015Behavior and ecology of lifeLewis, Ricki19922
1016Tragedy of American compassionOlasky, Marvin19921
1017Mathematics connections : essentials and applicationsAshlock, Robert B.@19921
1018Siam directory : the book of facts and figuresAdul Adulyapichet19921
1019Essentials of computing : microcomputer conceptsCapron, H.L.@19924
1020Extensions one : communicative activitics for beginning students of EnglishByrd, Danald R.H.@19922
1021College algebra : concepts and modelsLarson, Roland E.@19921
1022Current research and applications in personality theoriesHjelle, Larry A.19922
1023Fundamentals of computing I : logic problem solving programs and computersTucker, Allen B.@19921
1024Medicine : English for academic purposes seriesJames, David V.19922
1025Motivation in the classroomSpaulding, Cheryl L.19923
1026English in tourism : May I help you? Yates, Christopher19921
1027Nature of lifePostlethwait, John H.@19928
1028Computers : the user perspective with software laboratoriesHutchinson, Sarah E.19921
1029Office information systems : concepts and applicationsO'Neil, Sharon Lund@19923
1030Random house handbookCrews, Frederick19924
1031English in medicine : a course in communication skillsGlendinning, Eric H.19922
1032Algebra for college studentsKaufmann, Jerome E.19922
1033Conservation of natural resources : a resource management approachCastillon, David A.@19921
1034Using Microsoft words for the IBM PC and compatiblesShuman, James @19922
1035Calculus and analytic geometryThomas, George B.@19921
1036Dealing with genes : the language of heredityBerg, Paul@19921
1037Making your writing program work : a guide to good practicesHilgers, Thomas L.19922
1038Essentials of computing : microcomputer concepts and applicationCapron, H.L.@19923
1039Spectrum 1, a communicative course in EnglishWarshawsky, Diane @19921
1040Margin : restoring emotional, physical, financial, and time reserves to overloaded livesSwenson, Richard A.19921
1041Diversity of lifeStarr, Cecie19923
1042Study guide to organic chemistryMorrison, R.T. @19921
1043Calculus of one variableGrossman, Stanley I.@19921
1044So you want to take physics : a preparatory courseCole, Rodney@19922
1045Biology : an everyday experienceKaskel, Albert@19923
1046First look at WordPerfect 5.1Larsen, Gwynne @19922
1047College algebra : concepts and medetsZook, Dianna L.@19921
1048Happer collins dictionary of enviromental scienceet al...19921
1049How to succeed in collegeJohnson, Marcia K.19924
1050Student edition of Lotus 123 for engineersEtter, D.M.@19921
1051Introduction to psychologyGarrison, Mark@19921
1052Microsoft Works : version 2.0 IBM PC and CompatiblesPronk. Ron@19921
1053Human developmentPapalia, Diane E. @19922
1054Instructional software : practical design and developmentLockard, James@19921
1055Microcomputer applications and concepts : WordPerfect 5.1, Lotus 1-2-3 Release 2.2, and dBase III plusSafdie, Robert@19926
1056Essentials of personal computingTrainor, Timothy N.@19923
1057Dos Wordperfect and Lotus essentials : a 3 in 1 guide to the most popular PC programsBultema, Patrick19922
1058Child psychology : the modern scienceVasta, Ross @19923
10597 Secrets of effective fathersCanfield, Ken R.19921
1060Evolution of lifeLewis, Ricki19922
1061Organic chemistryMorrison, Robert Thornton@19922
1062Intermediate algebraWiestling, Jay R.@19923
1063Applying anthropology : an introductory readerPodolefsky, Aaron@19922
1064Using application software : WordPerfect 4.2, Quattro and dBASE III PLUSPitter, Keiko@19922
1065First look at Quattro Pro 2.0/3.0Rosner, Lisa @19922
1066Algebra for college studentsLarson, Roland E.@19923
1067Multivariable calculusAnton, Howard @19921
1068People and places : British life and culture for students of EnglishMarsden, Bob @19922
1069Intermediate algebra with applicationsAufmann, Richard N.@19921
1070Introduction to physical geographyWallen, Robert N.19921
1071Organic chemistryCarey, Francis A. @19921
1072Chemical principlesZumdahl, Steven S. @19924
1073Plant structure and functionStarr, Cecie19923
1074Advanced windows programmingHeller, Martin @19921
1075Conscious readerShrodes, Caroline@19922
1076Introduction to sociology : a text with readingsHebding, Daniel E. @19923
1077LifeLewis, Ricki19922
1078English in tourism : Check inYates, Christopher19921
1079Mastering DOS : covers MS-DOS and PC-DOSSchildt, Herbert@19923
1080Purpose and process : a reader for writersReid, Stephen@19912
1081Psychology today : an introductionBootzin, Richard R. @19913
1082Microcomputer applicationsGrauer, Robert@19913
1083Using WordPerfect 5.1 on the PCLarsen, Gwynne @19912
1084Partial differential equations and boundary-value problems with applicationsPinsky, Mark A.@19912
1085POSIX.1 standard : a programmer's guideZlotnick, Fred@19912
1086Solutions manual to accompany pilar's : elementary quantum chemistrySu, Shujun @19913
1087Implementing OSI networksCole, Gerald D.@19912
1088Biology! bringing science to lifePostlethwait, John H.@19917
1089Language teaching methodology : a textbook for teachersNunan, David19911
1090Interchange : English for international communication : student's book 3Richards, Jack C.19912
1091Introductory algebra : a text/workbookMiller, Charles D.@19911
1092Comprehensive COBOLPhilippakis, Andrew S.19914
1093Computer science : an overviewBrookshear, J. Glenn@19911
1094Increasing your productivity with WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, dBase III PlusHaiduk, H. Pual@19911
1095Introduction to computers and information systemsSzymanski, Robert A.@19912
1096Computers in educational administrationRay, John@19913
1097Beginning WordPerfect 5.1Gonzalez, Jean@19912
1098Introduction to languages and the theory of computationMartin, John C.@19912
1099Writer's resource : readings for compositionDay, Susan@19913
1100First class : English for tourism student's bookStott, Trish@19912
1101Real mathWilloughby, Stephen S.19911
1102Writing wellHall, Donald19911
1103Essentials of athletic trainingArnheim, Daniel D.19911
1104PsychologyDworetzky, John P.19914
1105Computers and application softwareSzymanski, Robert A.@19912
1106Structures and abstractions : an introduction to computer science with Turbo Pascal (5.0/5.5/6.0/TPW)Salmon, William I.@19912
1107Speaking by doing : a speaking-listening textBuys, William E.@19912
1108Essentials of information processingFloyd, Nancy A.@19912
1109Communicative English for hotel personnelKanitta Utawanit19911
1110Clinical biochemistry : made ridiculously simpleGoldberg, Stephen@19911
1111Chemistry : the central scienceBrown, Theodore L.@19911
1112Vistas : an interactive course in English 1Brown, H. Douglas19911
1113Computers and society-impact!Arnold, David O.@19914
1114Software tools for managing information a hands on workbookMorgan, James N. @19912
1115Basic technical EnglishComfort, Jeremy19912
1116Advanced conversationGeddes, Marion19912
1117Programming with Microsoft basicZage, Wayne M.@19913
1118Study guide to accompany Chang : chemistryWatkins, Kenneth W.@19915
1119Genes and genomes : a changing perspectiveSinger, Maxine@19911
1120Structures and abstractions : an introduction to computer science with PascalSalmon, William I. @19912
1121Computer concepts with quick basicWaggoner, Gloria A.@19911
1122Thinking criticallyChaffee, John@19911
1123Exploring mathematics with mathematics : dialogs concerning computers and mathematicsGray, Theodoure W. @19911
1124Student solutions manual to accompany Chang : chemistryMills, Jerry@19912
1125Intermediate algebra : a concept approachJudith, Haber @19911
1126Interchange : English for international communication : workbook 3Richards, Jack C.19911
1127Introduction to computers and information processingLong, Larry@19912
1128Basic business EnglishBarry, Robert E.@19911
1129Principles of applied opticsBanerjee, Partha P.@19911
1130Guided tour of selections from Aristotle's Nicomachean ethicsBiffle, Christopher@19912
1131Grammar in action 1Foley, Barbara H. @19902
1132Merrill algerbra oneFoster, Alan G.@19901
1133Comprehensive structured COBOL : instructor's manual to accompanyBradley, James@19902
1134Psychology : an introductionMorris, Charles G.@19903
1135Human exceptionality : society, school and familyHardman, Michael L.19903
1136Communicative language testingWeir, Cyril J.19902
1137Biology of animalsHickman, Cleveland P. @19903
1138Heat conduction and mass diffusionGebhart, Benjamin@19902
1139Best of psychology todayChance, Paul @19906
1140Calculus : one and several variablesSalas, Saturnino L. @19901
1141Past, present, and future : a reading-writing textGregg, Joan Young@19901
1142Introduction to psychologyKalat, James W. @19903
1143Art of reading : contexts for writingGould, Eric19904
1144Organic chemistry : a brief courseAtkins, Robert C. @19902
1145Calculus with analytic geometryLarson, Roland E.@19902
1146Physical geologyMontgomery, Carla W.19901
1147Interactions I : a writing process bookSegal, Margaret Keenan19904
1148Essentials of biologyHopson, Janet L.@19904
1149Structured fortran 77 for engineers and scientistsEtter, D.M.@19903
1150Windows 3 companionLorenz, Lori L.@19901
1151Fundamentals of organic chemistrySolomons, T.W. Graham@19902
1152Comprehensive structured COBOLBradley, James@19905
1153BiochemistryVoet, Donald@19901
1154Legend of Jimmy SpoonGregory, Kristiana19901
1155Study guide for introductory chemistryStovall, Thomas G.19902
11561000 most obscure wordsSchur, Norman W. @19901
1157Biology : the world of lifeWallace, Robert A. @19901
1158Practical data communicationsRettke, Mari @19901
1159Essential grammar in use : a self-study reference and practice book for elementary students of English : with answersMurphy, Raymond19901
1160Sport in society : issues and controversiesCoakley, Jay J.@19901
1161Fundamentals of data structures in PascalHorowitz, Ellis@19901
1162Computing : concepts for and usersStern, Nancy@19901
1163Elementary quantum chemistryPilar, Frank L.@19904
1164CalculusHeyd, David E.@19903
1165PsychologyBenjamin, Ludy T.@19901
1166Compact reader subjects styles and strategiesAron, Jane E. @19901
1167Exercise book mathematicsMcMurtry, Dorothy19902
1168International restaurant EnglishKeane, Leila L.19901
1169Social contacts : materials for developing listening and speaking skills in business and social contextsBrieger, Nick@19901
1170English grammar workbook 2Higgins, Muriel @19901
1171ChemistryRadel, Stanley R.@19902
1172Check your English : a four-skills grammar practice bookBlundell, Jon@19902
1173How English works : a grammar handbook with readingsRaimes, Ann19902
1174Reader for developing writersBuscemi, Santi V.19901
1175Solutions guide for introductory chemistryHall, James F.@19903
1176Motivation : theories and principlesBeck, Robert C.@19901
1177Exploring psychologyMyers, David G.19902
1178Contemporary microcomputer toolsBaker, William H.@19901
1179Interactions II : a reading skills bookKirm, Elaine19902
1180Chemistry : science of changeOxtoby, David W.@19901
1181Engable : educational version 2.14 - the fundamentalsSpezzano, Charles@19901
1182Fundamentals of college algebraBittinger, Marvin L.@19902
1183IntoxicationSiegel, Ronald K.@19901
1184Frontiers of astronomyMorrison, David @19901
1185Communicative English for tourismKanitta Utawanit19901
1186PsychologySdorow, Lester@19902
1187Elementary algebraMugridge, Larry R.@19902
1188Intermadiate algebraPenna, Judith A.@19901
1189Writing : a college handbookHeffernan, James A.W.19904
1190Expeditions into English : writing 1 : a beginning integrated skills seriesBrigham Young University English Language Center19902
1191Bedford guide for college writers : with readings and handbookKennedy, X.J.19902
1192Packaging and the environment : alternatives, trends and solutionsSelke, Susan E.M.@19901
1193Life-span human developmentSigelman, Carol K.@19901
1194Polyunsaturated fatty acids in human nutritionBracco, Umberto@19901
1195Working with Wordperfect on the Apple IIGSZimmerman, Beverly B.@19892
1196Effective English for communication : a course in English communicative practiceRenu O. Boonlorn19891
1197Analysis and design of information systemsSenn, James A.@19894
1198Using WordPerfect 5.0Larson, Gwynne @19891
1199Turbo 4.0 pascal supplement for introduction to pascal and stuctured designDale, Nell@19892
1200Systematic reading IChuencheewee Chalermpatarakul19892
1201Human biology : form, function and adaptationDewitt, William @19891
1202Communicative English for tourismKanitta Utawanit19891
1203Solutions guide for chemistryBrooks, Kenneth C.@19892
1204Biology : life on earthAudesirk, Gerald19891
1205Understanding and using English grammarAzar, Betty Schrampfer19891
1206Computers and information systemsO'leary, T.J.@19894
1207English grammar principles and factsKaplan, Jeffery P.19891
1208Prentice-Hall guide for college writersReid, Stephen@19891
1209Focus on earth scienceHesser, Dale T.@19892
1210Calculus for business, economics, and the social and life sciencesHoffmann, Laurence D.@19891
1211Human evolution : an illustrated introductionLewin, Roger@19891
1212Calculus of one variableFaires, J. Douglas@19891
1213Plight of the whalesMccoy, J.J.@19891
1214Practical English structure : a textbook for EG 211 (English structure 1)Rabieb Nakalasin19891
1215Focus on life scienceHeimler, Charles H.@19891
1216Culinary nutrition for foodservice professionalsHodges, Carol A.@19891
1217Reading and study skillsGrant, Patricia@19891
1218Fundamentals of mathematicsSetek, William M.@19891
1219Programming languages : concepts and constructsSethi, Ravi @19891
1220PsychologyCrider, Andrew B.@19891
1221Beyond words : an advanced reading courseJames, Mark O. @19891
1222Communicative English for hotel personnelKanitta Utawanit19891
1223College physicsSerway, Raymond A.19891
1224Introducing philosophy : a text with integrated readingsSolomon, Robert C. @19891
1225Microcomputers in education todayBitter, Gary G.@19891
1226Introduction to psychologyPlotnik, Rod @19892
1227Calculus for business, economics, and the social and life sciencesLukawecki, Stanley M.@19891
1228International hotel English : communicating with the international travellerAdamson, Donald19891
1229Introduction to computer science : an algorithmic approachTremblay, Jean-Paul@19893
1230Foundations of analysis : the theory of limitsGaskill, Herbert S.@19891
1231Macmillan English : thinking and writing processesAckley, Elizabeth @19881
1232Instructor's manual to accompany papalia and olds : psychologyJohnson, James J.19881
1233McGraw-Hill college handbookMarius, Richard@19882
1234McGraw-Hill handbook of business lettersPoe, Roy W.19881
1235Introduction to the theory of coverage processesHall, Peter@19881
1236Psychology : science, behavior and lifeCrooks, Robert L.@19882
1237Developing child : understanding children and parentingBrisbane, Holly E.@19882
1238Experimental organic chemistry : a small-scale approachWilcox, Charles F.@19883
1239Modern elementary statisticsFreund, John E.@19881
1240Computer architecture and organizationHayes, John P.@19882
1241Cioffari's experiments in college physicsEdmonds, Dean S.@19883
1242Teaching reading in today's elementary schoolsBurns, Paul C.@19881
1243Readings in the history of Christian theology : volume 2 from the reformation to the presentPlacher, William C.@19881
1244PsychologyJohnson, James J.19881
1245Spelling connections : words into langugeBarbe, Walter B.19882
1246Computing today : microcomputer concepts and applicationsSullivan, David R.@19884
1247Fundamental reading IIIHomhuan Chuenchitra19883
1248Improving reading skillsMilan, Deanne K.19882
1249Using dBASE III PLUSPrice, Wilson@19882
1250Vocabulary building : process, principles and applicationDale, Edgar@19882
1251Thinking in Pascal a systematic approachSolow, Daniel@19884
1252Understanding biologyRaven, Peter H.@19881
1253Computers today with basicSanders, Donald H.@19881
1254General chemistryWhitten, Kenneth W. @19882
1255Modern mathematicsWheeler, Ruric E.@19881
1256Physical chemistryBarrow, Gordon M.19881
1257PsychologyQuinn, Virginia Nichols@19882
1258McGraw-Hill handbook of EnglishShaw, Harry@19881
1259ETC program : English in everyday life : a competency-based grammarKirn, Elaine19884
1260Physics for scientists and engineers with modern physicsGiancoli, Douglas C.@19881
1261Life skills : workbookKirn, Elaine19882
1262To the Arctic : an introduction to the far northern worldYoung, Steven B.@19881
1263Discrete mathematics and its applicationsRosen, Kenneth H.@19882
1264Patten's foundations of embryologyCarlson, Bruce M.@19882
1265Effective speechClark, Richard W.19882
1266Writer's handbookMcMahan, Elizabeth19884
1267PsychologyWortman, Camille B.@19881
1268Basic organic chemistryWiseman, Frank L.@19881
1269McGraw-Hill college workbookBean, John C. @19882
1270Developmental psychology : childhood and adolescenceShaffer, David R.19882
1271Developing second-language skills : theory and practiceChastain, Kenneth19882
1272Introduction to college chemistryWolfe, Drew H.@19881
1273Evolutionary ecologyPianka, Eric R.@19881
1274Heath mathematicsRucker, Walter E. @19872
1275Altering behavior : the ethics of controlled experienceClark, Henry B. @19872
1276University chemistryMahan, Bruce H.@19871
1277Human side of biologyMason, William H. @19871
1278Precalculus : functions and graphsSwokowski, Earl William@19871
1279Developing reading skillsMarkstein, Linda19871
1280Motivation and personalityMaslow, Abraharn H.@19871
1281Bank on your English : an elementary course in communication for bank employeesMcGovern, John19872
1282Heath grammar and compositionBergman, Carol Ann @19873
1283Teaching English pronunciationKenworth, Joanne19871
1284Developing critical thinkers : challenging adults to explore alternative ways of thinking and actingBrookfield, Stephen D.@19872
1285Interactions II : a speaking activities bookPoole, Deborah@19871
1286Social psychology : understanding human interactionBaron, Robert A. @19872
1287Software perspectives : the system is the messageFreeman, Peter@19872
1288College physicsBuckwalter, Gary L.@19871
1289Heath mathematicsRucker, Walter E. @19871
1290Introduction to general, organic and biological chemistrySolomon, Sally @19873
1291Modern university chemistryPorile, Morbert @19873
1292Brief calculus : with applicationsLarson, Roland E.@19871
1293Heath grammar and compositionBergman, Carol Ann @19875
1294Introduction to psychologyDavidoff, Linda L.@19871
1295PsychologyRoediger, Henry L. @19872
1296Questions that matter : an invitation to philosophyMiller, ED. LeRoy@19872
1297Social psychologyVander Zanden, James Wilfrid19872
1298Writer's workplace : building college writing skillsScarry, Sandra19871
1299Organic chemistryPine, Stanley H.@19871
1300Understanding electricity and electronics technologyBuban, Peter @19872
1301Traditions influencing the social integration between the Thai buddhists and the Thai muslimsChaveewan Vannaprasert19861
1302Psychology : the hybrid scienceMcMahon, Frank B.@19862
1303Advanced techniques in dBASE III PLUSSimpson, Alan @19861
1304Second selections from modern English teacherHolden, Susan@19861
1305Managing and user computing in information organizationsInmon, William H.@19861
1306Meeting challenges : heath American readersNelson-Herber, Joan @19861
1307Instrumental English : English for the secretaryHoban, Yvonne@19864
1308Biology the science of lifeWallace, Robert Ardell@19862
1309Computers and information processing : with software tutorial and basicO'Brien, James A.@19862
1310Study guide for computers and applications : an introduction to data processingHead, Fred I. @19861
1311Data structures, algorithms and program styleKorsh, James F. @19861
1312Changing views : heath American readersNelson-Herber, Joan @19861
1313Statistics in the environmental sciencesGertz, Steven M.@19861
1314Macintosh hand-on pascalLewis, Ted G.@19862
1315Fundamental reading IIIHomhuan Chuenchitra19862
1316Study guide to accompany : computers and information processing : with software tutorial and basicO'Brien, James A.@19862
1317Principles of modern chemistryOxtoby, David W.@19861
1318Techniques and principles in language teachingLarsen-Freeman, Diane19862
1319Progessional microcomputer handbookElores, Ivan@19861
1320Instructor's guide for chemistryZumdahl, Steven S. @19863
1321Structured COBOLPhilippakis, Andreas S.@19862
1322Foundations of college chemistryHein, Morris19862
1323Analytical chemistry : an introductionSkoog, Douglas A.@19861
1324Psychology today : an introductionBootzin, Richard R. @19861
1325Vocabulary building : process, principles and applicationDale, Edgar@19864
1326Principles of modern chemistryFreeman, Wade A.@19861
1327Heath grammar and compositionBergman, Carol Ann @19862
1328Making choices : heath American readersBailey, Mildred@19861
1329Teaching oral EnglishByrne, Donn @19861
1330ChemistryZumdahl, Steven S. @19863
1331Computers and applications : an introduction to data processingSlotmick, Daniel L.@19863
1332Introduction to computers using the Apple IIMandell, Steven L.@19851
1333Language and literature 3Sykes, Helen M.@19851
1334Coping with stress in caringBailey, Roy D.@19851
1335Write stuff, putting it in paragraphsJones, Lois B. @19851
1336Inhalation toxicology of air pollution : clinical research considerationsFrank, Robert H.19853
1337PhysicsWeidner, Richard T.@19852
1338Physics for the health sciencesNave, Carl R.@19851
1339Working words in spellingWoodruff, Willard G.@198510
1340On Thai proverbs and sayingsDuangtip (Sommapan) Surintatip19851
1341Structures and strategies of human memoryStern, Leonard@19853
1342Horizons, exploring the universeSeeds, Michael A.@19852
1343Heath mathematicsRucker, Walter E. @19853
1344Principles of modern chemistryOxtoby, David W.@19851
1345Technical writing : purpose, process and formWarren, Thomas L.@19851
1346Practical writer : paragraph to themeBailey, Edward P.@19851
1347Human sexuality in nursing careGlover, Jean @19851
1348Philosophy : theory and practiceThiroux, Jacques P.@19852
1349Advances in luminescence spectroscopyCline Love, L.J.@19851
1350Fortran 77 for engineers and scientistsNyhoff, Larry19851
1351Fourth-generation languagesMartin, James@19851
1352Psychology and lifeZimbardo, Philip G. @19852
1353Heath biologyMclaren, James E.@19852
1354Theory and practice of compiler writingTremblay, Jean-Paul@19853
1355Data and computer communicationsStallings, William19851
1356Principles of learning & behaviorDomjan, Miclacl @19851
1357PsychologyWortman, Camille B.@19852
1358BiologyBarrett, James M.@19851
1359College algebraBeckenbach, Edwin F.@19851
1360Basic : a guide to structured programmingZage, Wayne M.@19851
1361Programming in basic : with structured programming cases, applications and modulesStair, Ralph M.19852
1362Essential dBASE IIBrown, Carl@19852
1363Writing : discovering form and meaningBridges, Charles W. @19842
1364Biology the unity and diversity of lifeStarr, Cecie19841
1365Organic chemistryEge, Seyhan N. @19841
1366Modern physicsWilliams, John E.@19841
1367Chemistry, structure and dynamicsMiller, Francis Marion@19842
1368Sociological perspective of sportLeonard, Wilbert Marcellus19841
1369Language and literature 2Sykes, Helen M.@19841
1370PsychologyRoediger, Henry L.@19843
1371College chemistryHein, Morris19843
1372Chemistry for changing timeHill, John W. @19842
1373Social psychology in the 80sDeaux, Kay19843
1374Chemical principles, properties and reactionsHenold, Kenneth@19842
1375Foundations of college chemistryHein, Morris19842
1376Norton Reader : an anthology of expository proseEastman, Arthur M. @19841
1377Continuity and change in communication systems : an Asian perspectiveWang, Georgette@19841
1378Earth science Fariel, Robert E. @19841
1379Structured COBOL : a problem-solving approachPaguett, Gerard A.@19842
1380Understand computersHopper, Grace Murray@19841
1381Short prose readerMuller, Gilbert H.@19841
1382College physicsO'Dwyer, John J.19842
1383Numerical astrophysicsCentrella, Joan M.@19841
1384Principles of physicsMarion, Jerry B.@19841
1385Psychology : principles and applicationsWorchel, Stephen @19831
1386PsychologyCrider, Andrew B.@19831
1387Psychology of adjustment and human relationshipsCalhaun, James F. @19832
1388Introductory algebraKeedy, Mervin L.@19831
1389Spelling : basic skills and applicationBarbe, Walter B.19832
1390Intermediate algebra for college studentKaufmann, Jerome E.19831
1391Science and technology in a new ageBrandwein, Paul F.@19831
1392Algebra : an intermediate courseKeedy, Mervin L.@19831
1393Organic chemistry : a brief courseLinstromberg, Walter W. @19831
1394Sociology : contemporary readingsStimson, John @19832
1395Techniques in testingMadsen, Horold S.19832
1396Introduction to computersSpencer, Donald D.@19832
1397Study guide to accompany principles of psychologyNewman, Philip R. @19835
1398Discrete mathematies for computer scientistsMott, Joe L.@19831
1399Publication manual of the American Psychological AssociationAmerican Psychological Association19831
1400Human side of biologyMason, William H. @19831
1401Weather in your lifeBattan, Louis J.@19831
1402Elements of calculusAllen, G. Don@19831
1403Principles of psychologyNewman, Philip R. @19834
1404Beginning algebraGobran, Alfonse@19833
1405Fundamentals of microbiologyAlcamo, I. Edward19832
1406BiologyRitchie, Donald D.@19831
1407Introduction to organic and biological chemistryScott, Ronald M. @19832
1408Natural products chemistry vol.3Nakanishi, Koji@19831
1409Introductory algebra : an applied approachAufman, Richard N.@19831
1410Modern English in actionChrist, Henry I.19828
1411ThermodynamicsLook, Dwight C.@19823
1412Language studies for the senior schoolKitson, Celestina@19821
1413Physics for scientists and engineersRadin, Shelden H.@19821
1414Physical chemistryAtkins, Peter William @19821
1415Fundamentals of analytical chemistrySkoog, Douglas A.@19821
1416University physicsSears, Francis W.@19822
1417Macmillan EnglishThoburn, Tina @19821
1418Modern chemistryMetcalfe, H. Clark@19821
1419Psychology : the hybird scienceMcMahon, Frank B.@19821
1420Instrumental English : English for the medical professionsBeitler, Larrgine @19821
1421Macmillan EnglishThoburn, Tina @19821
1422Suffixes and ofher word-final elements of EnglishUrdang, Laurence@19822
1423First course in differential equations with applicationsZill, Dennis G.@19821
1424Asian American literature : an introduction to the writings and their social contextKim, Elaine H.19821
1425New trends in basement membrane researchKuehn, Klaus@19822
1426Strategies for natural language processingLehnert, Wendy G.@19822
1427Running conventions, conferences, and meetingsLord, Robert W.19811
1428African rhythm and African sensibility : aesthetics and social action in African musical IdiomsChernoff, John Miller@19811
1429General chemistryChang, Raymond19811
1430PsychologyWortman, Camille B.@19811
1431Understanding words and reading sentences with comprehention and speedSamut Senchaowanich19811
1432Introduction to organic chemistryStreitwieser, Andrew@19811
1433Physical education and sport change and challengeBucher, Charles A.19811
1434Study guide to accompany chemical principlesReger, Daniel L.@19811
1435Paragraph writingPornpimol Chutisilp19811
1436Softwore tools in pascalKernighan, Brian W.@19812
1437Chemical principles in the laboratoryMorss, Lester R.@19811
1438Principles and methods of adapted physical education and recreationCrowe, Walter C. @19811
1439Earth scienceNamowitz, Samuel N.@19811
1440Facts on File dictionary of biologyTootill, Elizabeth@19811
1441Chemical principlesBoikess, Robert S.@19811
1442Practical English structure : a textbook for EG 211 (English structure 1)Rabieb Nakalasin19811
1443Dos unilities sortShelly, Gary B.@19812
1444Chemistry for the health seienceSaekhem, Georqe I. @19811
1445Essentials of psychology and lifeZimbardo, Philip G. @19802
1446Nuclear chemistry : theory and applicationsChoppin, Gregory R.@19801
1447Reading and thinking in English : a concepts in useMoore, John@19801
1448Introduction to data processingVazsonyi, Andrew@19802
1449American English todayGuth, Hans P.19801
1450Psychology of adjustment and competence : an applied approachGrasha, Anthony F.@19802
1451America book EnglishFillmer, H. Thompson@19803
1452Psychology : looking at ourselvesGeiwitz, James@19802
1453Principles of instrumental analysisSkoog, Douglas A.@19801
1454Psychic-nexus : psychic phenomena in psychiatry and everyday lifeSchwary, Berthold Eric@19802
1455Introduction to biological psychologyGroves, Philip M.19791
1456Elements of styleStrunk, William @19791
1457Chemistry : principles and applicationsSienko, Michell J.@19792
1458Calculus with analytic geometrySwokowski, Earl William@19792
1459Computers automation and societyLaurie, Edward J.@19792
1460Acting power : an introduction to actingCohen, Robert@19781
1461Focus on compositionRaimes, Ann19781
1462Process of social organization : power in social systemsOlsen, Marvin E. @19781
1463Applied moderm algebraDornhoff, Larry@19781
1464Modern English in action practiceHolmes, Stewart W. @19782
1465Chemistry for environmental engineeringSawyer, Clair N.@19784
1466collins german pocket dictionary German-English English-GermanSchnorr, Veronika@19781
1467Modern English in actionChrist, Henry I.19784
1468Random house handbookCrews, Frederick19771
1469Fundamentals of chemistryPottenger, Francis Marion@19761
1470Student guide and solutions manual to accompany Ternar's contemporary organic chemistryFrancis, Robert F.@19762
1471Enterprising womenBird, Caroline@19761
1472Contemporary organic chemistryTernay, Andrew L.@19762
1473Situational composition practiceWingfield, R.J. @19761
1474Range of philosophyTitus, Harold H.@19752
1475Technical mathematicsAustin, Jacqueline@19752
1476Dictionary of American slangWentworth, Harold@19751
1477Personality : theory, assessment, and researchPervin, Lawrence A.19751
1478Physical science : investigating man's environmentFish, Franklin@19741
1479Physical scienceWilliam, George A.@19731
1480Man and woman, boy and girlMoney, John@19723
1481Complete course in English : book 4Dixson, Robert J.@19721
1482GrammarPalmer, Frank@19721
1483Biology of invertebratesGardiner, Mary S. @19721
1484Introduction to the pronunciation of EnglishGimson, A.C. @19721
1485Introduction to lasers and masersSiegman, A.E.@19711
1486Chemical principlesDickerson, Richard E.19701
1487American English todayGuth, Hans P.19701
1488CytogeneticsPriest, Jean H.@19692
1489General psychologyEdwards, David C.@19681
1490Elements of general phoneticsAbercrombie, David @19671
1491Psychology : understanding human behaviorSartain, Aaron Quinn19671
1492Synopsis of English syntaxNida, Eugene A. @19661
1493Algebraic structuresBell, A.W.@19661
1494Studies in phonetics and linguisticsAbercrombie, David @19651
1495English syntax : a book of programed lessonsRoberts, Paul@19641
1496Language testing : the construction and use of foreign language testsLado, Robert @19611
1497Tables of functions with formula and curvesJahnke, Eugene@19451
1498Spell it-write! (grade 8)Zaner-Bloser19--2
1499Spell it-write! (grade 7)Zaner-Bloser19--2
1500Spell it-write! (grade 6)Zaner-Bloser19--2
1501Headway : student's bookSoars, John-4
1502Technical EnglishSuttirat Rujikietgumjorn-1
1503Headway : pronunciationBowler, Bill @3
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